+++ Congress postponed to 2023! Stay tuned for new date! +++

Together with the conference orgnizer we have been analyzing the current situation in relation to the uncertainties around the development of the COVID-19 pandemic. The appearance of yet another variant, Omicron, has shown again that the pandemic threat is not over and that we will have to take this into account in our plans far into next year.
Therefore, in consideration of all structures and possibilities around the congress, we decided in agreement with the president of the European Society of Virology that we can unfortunately not hold the event as planned. The planned in-person on-site meeting was supposed to overcome the distance inherent in virtual communications and this major aspect is in jeopardy under the given situation. Thus, we agreed that it would be best to move the ECV to 2023.

We will keep you updated about further developments.
Thank you for your understanding.

Krystyna Bienkowska-Szewczyk and Thomas C. Mettenleiter
Conference Chairs